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Gordianaut is part of the CosmOS 9 bundle, a set of 9 puzzle games discovered on a mysterious, alien video game console drifting through outer space.

Gordianaut is a short puzzle platformer about exploring further and further in an alien cave by utilizing mysterious technology found within.

  • Platforming puzzles with interesting moving-block mechanics
  • A gentle difficulty curve with more complex puzzles the further you progress
  • Dozens of puzzles on an intricate path through an alien cave
  • About 30 minutes of playtime
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)


Get this game and 8 more for $15.46 USD
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Just finished playing, and I thought this was a great game. The mechanic was clever, the level design was smart, everything was all around fun. (Plus, the length made it possible to play in a single session, which I always appreciate)

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Sorry, this is very silly as I've not played the game or anything but just wanted to say: well well played on the name.  Really enjoy that.